Terms and Conditions

By purchasing products and/or using content from Crosconnect Education you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Product/Content usage and copyright

  • Videos produced by Crosconnect Education and made available on http://www.education.crosconnect.co.uk and any form of resource, unless otherwise stated are property of Crosconnect Education are copyrighted and owned by Laurie Davies of Crosconnect Education ltd.
  • Any form of resources should only be downloaded/reviewed from this website.
  • Videos or resources should not be modified or edited in any way unless otherwise stated.
  • Resources or any other form of media found on this website should not be distributed in any way other than described in this document or by anybody not authorised to do so by written request to Crosconnect Education.
  • A subscription is required to access the content on this site. This is a small amount to contribute towards the multiple days of work put into such resources and as such, any unauthorised access to our website as well as distribution is prohibited. You may only use the subscription under the terms shown during signup.
  • Any misuse of this website, affecting the operation is prohibited. Such events include however are not limited to DDOS attacks etc.


  • All resources (referring to any content found on this website {unless otherwise stated}) are produced and sold with the purpose of them being useful as revision, teaching aids and work guides. And as such we cannot guarantee that any customer will achieve a particular grade using these resources.
  • All resources are subject to change, and all members will be notified via their preferred contact method of such an alteration.
  • We cannot guarantee a 100% up time of this website, however we try our best to achieve this. In the event of a server outage, the website may be out of use for an unlimited period of time, whilst the error is fixed. In the unlikely event that this occurs we will notify you via your preferred contact method. If during the period of downtime, you would like to receive any resources from the website, an email should be sent to laurie(at)crosconnect.co.uk stating the issue, membership email, course and lesson ID. A copy of this will then be sent to you ASAP.


  • The first avenue for resolving any issues should be the FAQ page.
  • Direct support from Crosconnect Education is only available to customers with active accounts.
  • There are no support guarantees and whilst we will attempt to provide the best possible support, on some occasions when we can not solve an issue you are facing, at our discretion we will issue a refund.


  • All resources may be updated throughout the course of your subscription to fix errors, or to update in line with specification. In this event we will contact all affected users via there prefereed contact method.


  • All payments are made via Paypal but you do not need a Paypal account.
  • Through Paypal you can use either your Paypal balance or various different credit card providers.
  • No other forms of payment are available.
  • We will not be held liable for any failings/issues placing the user in financial loss which we deem to be PayPal’s issue.
  • Please refer to the relevant TOS on paypal.com


  • All items on this website are delivered electronically, and as such no address is required upon checkout.
  • Access to most items on this website require a subscription.
  • To access products refer to ‘All Teaching Resources’ and select your subscription plan.
  • If you are still facing issues then please email support.

Internet Connection

  • A internet connection is required for the purchase, download and use of the resources.
  • Whilst you do not need a continuous internet connection to use the resources, for updates a internet connection will be required.

Price Changes

  • Crosconnect Education reserve the right to change pricing at any time without notice.
  • Offers, promotions and voucher codes may be offered from time to time but are not promised or guaranteed

Refund Policy

  • By downloading resources you waive your right to your 14 day cooling off period.
  • If within 14 days you have not installed the license, you can request a refund in full by email support.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they purchase the correct subscription that is appropriate for them,  refunds will only be given at our discretion or where local law requires.


  • Your email address is essential to the subscription of the website, and will be used as your login.
  • We will only use your provided email address for sending emails to you in direct relation to your purchases.
  • We will not market you unless you have explicitly allowed us to.
  • We keep all email addresses in line with GDPR regulations and by signing up to our website, you agree that you opt in to your email being stored in a database.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

  • Crosconnect Education any time without notice, reserves the right to cancel/alter the Terms and Conditions effecting your account with or without notice.
  • You or Crosconnect Education can cancel there agreement to this contract at any time with 1 days notice. A refund may not always be given.